Sectors We Serve

We supply wide range of equipments for many unique and large scale projects in the region. Most of the equipment run throughout the complete life cycle of the project.
Construction Industry
Marine Industry
The region has some of the busiest ports in the world and this keeps most of our equipment active in many ports along the coast. We take great care to supply and service equipments to all tight schedules.
Oil & Gas Industry
The Oil and Gas Sector industry is one of the main sectors that require our continuous rental of special, general equipments and tools.
Events, Leisure & Entertainment Industry
Our equipment is hired for various outdoor and Live entertainment events all over the United Arab Emirates. We provide trouble free equipment rental and management to some of the Major event organisers.
Equipment & Tool Hire
We rent equipment and tools for small, large project and for various industries. Our product range helps customers find all the equipment they required at a single point, helping them execute and manage their project very efficiently.
Steel Fabrication Industry
We also supply general and special equipment to the Steel Fabrication industry. With the increase in structural fabrication requirments in the region, our supply to this industry has grown over the years.