Short Description: 
scabblers are ideal tools for cleaning and roughening concrete and construction joints. They can also be used to produce ornamental or contrasting finishes on road and building structures.

Hand-Held Scabblers

If you are preparing concrete or masonry for refinishing or roughing the surface, these hand held scabblers are ideal for small awkward areas

Air-Pole Scabbler

Ideal for scabbling operations in awkward and hard to get at places, this single-headed U-type machine is mounted on a 1.3 m long handle.

Multi-Head Floor Scabbler

Fitted with eleven tungsten carbide tipped heads, this air powered floor scabbler will successfully remove deteriorating concrete and laitence without damaging the below substrate.

Air-Needle Gun

For keying or descaling masonry, concrete or metal surfaces prior to painting or refinishing. Air operated version for use with a 15cm compressor.